Core-Values-150x150“The evidence is irrefutable that a strong culture leads to superior performance, higher employee retention, and a better aligned organization. Equally important, a strong culture driven by a handful of rules (Core Values) makes leading people much easier, reduces the need for stacks of policies and procedures, gives everyone a foundation from which to make tough decisions, and generally brings simplicity and clarity to [the organization]…” – Verne Harnish in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. 

BlueHat’s Core Values:

  • Safety
    • It goes without saying – but we say it anyway.
  • Integrity
    • We always do the right thing for our customer.
    • We hold ourselves accountable for the highest standards of behavior and work – including trust, honesty, respect for ourselves and others, fairness, equality, devotion, quality, and stewardship of company and customer resources – we do our work efficiently and effectively.
  • Communication
    • We let our customer know what’s up – we teach them – our value is in our expertise and our ability to clearly communicate information to our customer.
    • We speak up with candor and openness with customers and each other.
    • Through effective communication, we are recognized as experts and our customers see the value we deliver.
  • Competence
    • We are good at what we do but we always strive to improve. We seek out both formal and informal opportunities to remain experts at the top of our game in our trade and our business.
    • With experience, our wisdom grows – thinking critically to solve problems – having and using common sense.
  • Relationships
    • We value our relationships with our customer and with each other. Customers are happier for our presence and we enjoy what we do and it shows.

We discuss our Core Values in every weekly meeting. We use our Core Values when evaluating new hires. We expect our customers to hold us to our promise to deliver our Core Values on every job.