Serving the Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Needs Raleigh Area With Vision & Values

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BlueHat Mechanical serves building owners and managers throughout the Triangle. BlueHat’s comprehensive approach to service and maintenance will give your business and building management staff peace of mind through consistent comfort by design.  We offer a free building assessment to help determine recommendations and solutions to help operate and maintain HVACR (heating ventilating air conditioning and refrigeration systems).  Our planned maintenance packages reduce downtime and energy usage, while extending the life of equipment. New technologies allow us to serve clients in a way that is more environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible.


  • Best Service Provider
    • To be recognized as the premier commercial HVAC/R service company.  We are forced to grow because customers flock to us for our exceptional service from our technical expertise to our customer experience.
  • Best Place to Work
    • To be recognized as the preferred employer in the HVACR industry. We have more unsolicited applications for employment than we need.

Core Values

  • Positive Attidue
    • Nice, Kind, Humble, Trusted, Generous, Helpful
  • Integrity
    • We always do the right thing for our customer.
    • We hold ourselves accountable for the highest standards of behavior and work – including trust, honesty, respect for ourselves and others, fairness, equality, devotion, quality, and stewardship of company and customer resources – we do our work efficiently and effectively.
  • Communication
    • We let our customer know what’s up – we teach them – our value is in our expertise and our ability to clearly communicate information to our customer.
    • We speak up with candor and openness with customers and each other.
    • Through effective communication, we are recognized as experts and our customers see the value we deliver.
  • Good Work Ethic
    • Competent, Knowledgeable, Team Player, Professional, Thorough
  • Raises the Bar
    • Gets stuff done, Ambitious, Growth Minded, Willing to take on more, exceeds expectations
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