At BlueHat we pride ourselves on being a good place to work.  We are a small enough company that you can have a personal relationship with everyone in the company, yet we are run by professional managers who have been around the block a few times.  We have a strong customer focus and sense of ethics.  We aim to grow by providing the best service to our customers, hiring and keeping the best technicians, and being the best place to work!

Our Core Values

Here are our Core Values.  These few values: Safety, Integrity, Communication, Continuous Learning and Relationships,  embody the way we operate.  Here are some examples of how our values come into play:

  • We strive to hire technicians and employees who embody our core values, and we quickly let those go who do not live up to them.
  • Our technicians are always expected to advise our customers to do what is in the customers best interest.  We won’t recommend repair if it is time to replace the whole unit.  We won’t recommend a partial repair if that is just going to fail again in a few months.
  • Our customers are billed only for the time we are on their job site.  Our smartphone app based scheduling system verifies that the technicians are on site using GPS when they clock in and out of jobs.
  • If we make a mistake (and we sometimes do) we will own up to it, and make it right for the customer. And then we’ll talk about the situation to see how we can learn from it and avoid that mistake in the future.

The Work

BlueHat Mechanical does commercial  HVAC and refrigeration service work.  Our customers are schools, office buildings, retirement homes, independent restaurants, national chain restaurants, retail stores, manufacturing facilities and hotels.  We don’t do residential work and we don’t do new construction or installations.  Purely service and maintenance.

What this means for our employees is that most jobs are generally a couple of hours and you might visit 3 customers a day.  There will also be larger jobs like changing out package units or building a walk in cooler that take much longer. The summer months are busier, but we stay pretty busy year round. There will be some long weeks in the summer, but unless you are the on-call technician you’ll get weekends off.  In slower times we do training and go on vacation, but everyone still works 40 hours a week.  Each tech is on call for 1 week a month.  You’ll be working on hot roofs, and in busy kitchens, so being fit and staying hydrated is important. It’s also important to be able to work around a certain amount of chaos, and have a little bit of the MacGuyver instinct.  Sometimes we have to get a system working when no parts are available.

Your Office on Wheels

Or rolling warehouse as we like to call them.  The newest Mercedes Sprinter vans, with high efficiency twin turbo diesel engines, all the safety features like lane departure warning, side blind spot alert etc.  And all parts and tools stored safely inside out of the sun and protected from theft.  More info here.

Our new rolling warehouses

Our new rolling warehouses

Raleigh North Carolina is a Great Place to Live and Work

Finally, we serve the greater Raleigh, Durham Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.   This area is a great place to live and work.  We have a diverse economy consisting of prestigious Universities, State and County Government, Technology, Biotech, Manufacturing, Medical, and other companies.  And of course plenty of restaurants to feed all those people.

We recently hired someone who moved up from Fort Lauderdale Florida to work for us.  After his second week he said, “working here feels like a vacation, there’s hardly any traffic, people are nice, it’s cooler…”

Raleigh and surrounding cities have won many awards for best place to live, etc.

BlueHat Mechanical is a Great Place to Work

But it’s not for everyone.  We want people who live our core values, who take pride in their work, who leave things better and neater than they found them, who respect people, and who are the best at what they do.

If that is you then please apply here!