I’ve lived in Seattle, New York, Michigan, and visited many other places, and this is by far my favorite place to live.  It’s small enough that you can easily get around, yet large enough to have the things you need and want.  The people here are nice. The schools are good.   You can live outside of town and buy a house on some land (and raise chickens like we do), you can live in a bustling downtown, or anything in between.  The economy is solid and diverse.  During the real estate boom and bust we only had a modest increase in housing prices (nothing like cities in Florida, California and New York experienced) – and we had a corresponding modest decrease in prices when things came down.  There is no shortage of land to build new homes, so home prices are reasonable.

We recently hired someone who moved up from Fort Lauderdale Florida to work for us.  After his second week he said, “working here feels like a vacation, there’s hardly any traffic, people are nice, it’s cooler…”

Raleigh and the surrounding communities make frequent showings on magazine top lists of places to live, best places for families and best place to start a business. Here are a few: