All buildings are different, so it makes sense to design a maintenance plan that is tailored to each building.  For instance a restaurant might have 4 condensing units on the roof, but two of them are near the outlets of the kitchen ventilation system.  Those condenser coils will need cleaning more often than two that are located in clean air on the other side of the roof.  We see this all over the building, some belts wear out quickly, and others last for years.

We use a cloud based software system to track all of our services, and with this software it’s easy to set up some items for service monthly, some quarterly, some twice a year, and some yearly.  Or even every 5 months or 6 weeks.  See this post for a little more detail on our software.

We can set up a maintenance plan for your building, and based on our experience make an educated guess at how often we should perform each service.  Then, over time as we visit your location and learn which equipment sees the most wear and tear, and the most grime, we can adjust the frequencies  either longer or shorter to save money.