A good planned maintenance plan does more than satisfy the minimum requirements of your lease.  Properly designed, it can save you money in repairs.

Dirty Condenser Coils Our Most Common Service Call

Patrick, one of our senior technicians always says, he’s a highly paid janitor.  Our most common service call for restaurants is that an air conditioning unit is not cooling very well.  It’s almost always dirty condenser coils.  Often these coils are on the roof near where the kitchen exhaust fans vent, so cooking grease builds up on them.  Eventually the layer of grease and dirt insulates the coils and they lose their ability to dissipate heat.  Keeping them clean not only prevents an emergency service call to clean them, but will make the equipment last longer and use less energy.  A clean condenser coil will cool the building down to it’s set point faster, so the air conditioning doesn’t run as long.  That reduces wear on the compressor too.

Don’t Forget the Refrigeration Equipment and Ice Makers

Refrigeration equipment can also benefit from a good planned maintenance program.  Clean condenser coils on walk-ins and reach in coolers will help those machines run efficiently and break down less.  We also check for bad door gaskets – a busy restaurant can wear out the gaskets on a cooler every year.

Dirty ice makers are one of the most common things restaurants get dinged for by the health department.  They need a good cleaning a couple times a year.  It takes two to three hours to properly take apart and sanitize all the parts of an ice maker, and often your staff doesn’t have the time or expertise to do this.  We can schedule an ice maker cleaning during off hours, or even late at night if necessary so that it won’t disrupt your operation.

Let Us Design a Planned Maintenance Plan Tailored to your Operation

Give us a call and we will come out and do a thorough evaluation of your equipment and recommend a tailored plan to keep your equipment humming at least cost to you.  A custom plan can allow for equipment that gets dirty faster to be cleaned more often, and equipment that is in a clean environment or runs less, we clean it less often.  We can also come up with a payment plan that meets your needs, you can pay each time we come, or in 12 equal monthly payments.

Our Custom Plans Can Include:


  • Check Operations of Heating and Cooling System and Check for Error Codes
  • Inspect belts and tighten if necessary
  • Clean Drain Traps
  • Apply Biocide Tablets to Drain Pans
  • Replace Filters
  • Record and Document Freon Pressure
  • Record and Document Capacitor Values
  • Record and Document Compressor Amp Draw
  • Record and Document Fan Motor Amp Draw
  • Check Oil Levels and Add oil as Necessary
  • Grease Bearings
  • Replace Blower Motor Belts
  • Flush Drain Pans
  • Clean Condensor Coils
  • Clean Evaporator Coils
  • Replace Capacitors, Contactors, Belts and Relays as necessary


  • Blow out all Condesor Coils
  • Blow out Reach In Cooler Drain Lines
  • Check Operating Temperature
  • Inspect Gaskets, hinges, legs, wheels, doors, drawers and check fan speeds
  • Remove and Clean Reach in Cooler Drain Pans
  • Replace Gaskets as Necessary

Ice Makers

  • Blow out all Condesor Coils
  • Inspect For Cleanliness
  • Take apart and thouroughly clean
  • Verify they are making perfect cubes, adjust if necessary

BlueHat Maintenance + Sitesage Monitoring = Next Level HVAC Service