If you are leasing your space, your lease likely requires that you contract with a company to provide planned maintenance on the heating and cooling system.  Most leases require two or four visits a year.

If you shop for the cheapest price, you are going to get the bare minimum of service.  Maybe they will change the filters, and check the temperatures of the cooled and heated air.  But, some customers are starting to see the benefit of doing more than the minimum.  For instance cleaning the condenser coils at least once a year makes HVAC equipment last longer, and use less energy.  Large restaurant groups who have seen the benefits in terms of reduced repair costs, reduced energy costs, and equipment that lasts longer – are demanding more extensive planned maintenance contracts.

As experts in both HVAC and Refrigeration we can design a maintenance contract that will keep all of your equipment running at peak efficiency, reduce downtime, and help catch problems before they shut you down.  Give us a call today to arrange for a free estimate.