Custom Refrigeration & HVAC Solutions for your Mission Critical Environment

Specializing in both HVAC and refrigeration for a total solution.

BlueHat Mechanical only employs the best technicians, trains them well and focuses on only commercial customers.

BlueHat partners with building owners and facilities engineers to achieve optimal reliability and energy efficiency of critical mechanical systems. We build confidence and trust with our clients over many years of partnership by operating with very high levels of integrity and technical competency. We foster goodwill by developing the best employees our industry has to offer. Simply put, we are an exceptional team working to provide a superior service product every single day.

Call us if you are determined to ‘do things right’ as opposed to quick-fixes and band-aids.

  • Data Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Clean Rooms
  • Cold Storage
  • Building Walk-in Coolers
  • Building Walk-in Freezers
  • Temperature-controlled Distribution
  • Retrofit/Replacement
  • Ice Machines

Why Choose BlueHat?

We communicate well and we respond: We are nimble and responsive to customizing solutions for customers.

  • Speed of response.
  • Ability to quickly plan projects including replacements.
  • Use of braze-free fittings to avoid interactions with fire suppression systems.
  • Maintenance plans for early detection of problems help avoid downtime.