HVAC & Refrigeration Experts is now BlueHat Mechanical


In mid-2013 BlueHat Mechanical, Inc acquired the HVAC & Refrigeration Experts, Inc.   What does this mean for you? Only good things. All of the HVAC & Refrigeration Experts employees are still with us, so you’ll be seeing and talking to the same folks you always have.  Patrick, the owner of HVAC & Refrigeration Experts, is also staying with us at least until late 2014. The main impact is going to be on the Penguin, we are sending him back to the South Pole.

Besides the Penguin’s disappearance, what does BlueHat Mechanical plan for the company?

We are going to continue to operate with honesty and integrity, and build the company on a foundation of great customer service.

  • Our technicians are not and will never be on commission or incentivized in any way to sell you anything.  We think this is important because otherwise how could you trust the advice we give you on whether to repair or replace a broken machine.
  • We plan to continue to hire the best, most experienced technicians and set them free to do what they do best.
  • We will be using modern technology to improve the experience you have dealing with us.  We’ll be reducing the amount of paperwork by sending quotes out (and letting you approve them) electronically.
  • We’ll be using smartphone apps to track the service history of your equipment – so the technicians will always have it at their fingertips – providing you with visibility into what we have been doing at your site.