Patrick and I went on a service call today to fix a few things at a Raleigh NC pizza restaurant that is getting ready to open in a location previously occupied by another restaurant.  Because it’s a new restaurant they have to bring everything up to code even though the old restaurant was able to operate there.

The owner had notified us of a few items that needed repair, new door gaskets on a prep table, new handle and closer mechanism on the walk in cooler, new covers for the fans in the walk-in, and to fix a drip under the evaporator in the walk in.

When working in an older restaurant where everything is not shiny and new you often encounter situations that need a little creativity.  You can’t just order the right closer mechanism and screw it on.  On this walk in the mounting holes were completely stripped, it looked like about three different closers had been mounted in successively less secure ways.

So we removed all the old parts and fit a piece of sturdy aluminum (in attractive diamond plate finish) to the outside of the door with many screws.  We then mounted the new door closer hardware to this plate.

Karim putting the finishing touches on the door closer.

Karim putting the finishing touches on the door closer.

As we were finishing up the work that had been requested the owner came over with the typed list from the health inspector.  There were a number of items on the list that still needed to be fixed.  Luckily we had all the parts on the truck and were able to address the other issues so that they could pass re-inspection.

In a situation like this, we are not there to fix a door closer and a leaky drain pan.  We are there to help the owner open a restaurant.  He needed his equipment to pass a health department inspection, and he wants it done in one trip, and for a reasonable amount of money.  We are happy to work under these circumstances, and the more info we have the better.  If you are facing a health inspection, we are happy to help.  You can just snap a picture with your phone of the health inspection report and email it to us at  That way, when we come out we can make sure we have all the parts on the truck.