Self-reporting assets connected to the ‘Internet of Things’ are the holy grail – but these solutions can be expensive. You could work with a partner who does it for you. 

Why it is Important
Physical assets are one of your company’s largest investments and your business depends on deploying them efficiently.  An effective maintenance program helps ensure your assets are available when you need them and that they are in safe working condition.  It also helps extend the life of your assets, requiring less capital expenditure to replace those that have worn out.  Routine planned maintenance can find and fix problems before they become service-affecting. Furthermore, detailed maintenance documentation can provide evidence to satisfy any regulatory requirements.

Stop Throwing Good Money after Bad
Knowing how many times an asset has been worked on and what has been done can provide valuable information to help determine if you need to stop fixing it and buy new.  Relying on memory or anecdotal information is not good enough – you need good, hard data.

Asset Maintenance and Repair History
When I get my car worked on, I don’t always take it to the same place. Sometimes I work on it myself too. As a result, I don’t have a detailed, all in one place record of what’s been done. When a company establishes a relationship with one HVAC contractor for maintenance and repairs, if that contractor has the right system, they can maintain that history for you.

BlueHat Asset Tagging
BlueHat can tag your assets for you – and track the service history over time. This saves you time and money.

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