FM_2020_Ebook_Cover_Template-150x150ServiceChannel, a provider of facilities management software used in over 170,00 locations around the world, has recently published an e-book titled “What You Need to Know to Succeed in Facilities Management in 2020” Check it out here.

My synopsis is that, like many industries, Facilities Management will be transformed by technology.

Data will drive two trends: Visibility and Prediction.

From network-connected HVAC systems to RFID asset tracking, leading facilities managers will have mind-boggling visibility into their worlds. This will touch on everything important in the business:

  • cost management
  • performance and effectiveness
  • mobility
  • compliance

With this visibility will come the holy grail: prediction. Being able to tell the future is a powerful tool. From resource allocation to capital planning, being able to plan is one of the most valuable assets.

The ebook describes 13 areas of focus to prepare for 2020:

  1. Repair & Maintenance & Traffic
  2. Eco-Friendly FM Practices
  3. LoT vs IoT
  4. Repair & Maintenance… & Weather?
  5. Data-Driven Equipment
  6. New Technologies
  7. Optimizing Supply Management
  8. Trust but Verify
  9. Big Data Keeps Getting Bigger
  10. Contractor Reliance and Risk
  11. Mobility Brings FM Everywhere, to Everyone
  12. Getting Smarter by Getting Smarter
  13. Commanding the Facilities Ship