Inspect now before you need to heat your building. 

Yes – It’s still nice and warm outside – but it gets cold fast in North Carolina. For Raleigh, the average low temperature in September is 61 – and the average low in October is 48.  You’ll be needing the heat in the mornings before you know it – and you want to make sure the heated air you are breathing is healthy air.

Heat Exchanger Function
As a simple explanation: in a gas furnace, gas is burned inside metal pipes while air forced past the pipes gets heated and returned to the building. Ideally, the combustion in the pipes is completely separate from the building air that gets heated by moving past the outside of the pipes.





Over time, heat stress causes cracks near weak areas such as bends or welds. Condensation can also occur – causing corrosion and eventual failure.

What to do?
Routine, scheduled maintenance helps keep your system in good working order and can provide routine checks to reduce the chance that cracks – and dangers – go undetected. The BlueHat Mechanical planned maintenance program includes routine heat exchanger checks.

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