Dependable Commercial Refrigeration Repair for your Raleigh Area Business

Refrigeration-Repair-400x400From Frozen Food Warehouses to Ice Machines & Everything In Between, BlueHat Mechanical’s Experienced Refrigeration Techs are Ready to Get you Running Fast

With trucks stocked with common refrigeration controls, sensors, and refrigerants we are ready to handle most refrigeration problems.  And with experience in many different types of industries from food production to biotech we can identify problems that may be the result of operational changes as well as equipment problems.

BlueHat takes a whole system approach to diagnosing and repairing problems.  

For instance:

  • Frozen coils on a walk-in cooler – it could be that the system is low on refrigerant. Or it could be that someone left the cooler running while receiving a shipment on a humid day and with the door open that humidity froze on the coils.  The fix might be operational rather than mechanical.
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