Professional Commercial Refrigeration Installations for your Raleigh Area Business

blue-hat-van-back-400x400Who better to build your Refrigeration Systems than the company who has seen every way they fail while servicing them?

We won’t be the cheapest option, but with experienced service technicians involved in every installation, you can be assured of a quality installation that will avoid problems down the road.

Walk-In Refrigeration

From refrigerated warehouses to restaurant sized Walk-Ins we can handle it.  We chose quality panels and equipment from brands we know are reliable and efficient.

Refrigeration Equipment Retrofits

Your boxes might be in good shape, but the Condensers and Evaporators need replaced.  We can suggest the right equipment for the job and get it installed quick.

Ice Machines

Ice Machine installations can be fussy, and if not done right can cause problems, and void the warranty.  Let us install your ice machine and get it set up and adjusted right the first time.

Call Us at 919-773-9223 or Schedule Online for help with your refrigeration project.