Exclusively Commercial To Meet The Refrigeration & HVAC Needs Of Your Raleigh Area Business

BlueHat Mechanical specializes in commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Service in the greater Raleigh Durham Area.


sprinter-downtown-478x400A properly designed maintenance plan customized to your business needs saves real dollars – these savings more than pay for the costs.

These are the main areas of savings:

  • Major Repairs – A properly designed maintenance plan helps prevent major failures.
  • Energy Costs – Properly maintained equipment uses less energy.
  • Equipment Replacement – Maintaining equipment extends its useful life. How much is an extra 2-5 years of equipment life worth to you?
  • Lost Productivity – Equipment failures can stop production lines, or make offices uninhabitable.

Repair Service

When the inevitable breakdowns do occur, our team responds quickly and competently to resolve issues and get you back up and running.

Part of our approach is to help identify equipment that it makes sense to replace – and to work with our customers to do this proactively before that equipment breaks down. Aside from the age and condition of the equipment we look at the history of repairs and the energy savings that newer equipment will bring.

Equipment Replacement/Installations

Having built relationships with our customers over the years, we strive to understand their businesses, and through providing service and maintenance we understand their buildings.  So when offices need to expand, or production lines move, or when simply replacing old equipment we can design and implement a solution that is both cost effective and meets our customer’s needs.


Commercial refrigeration requires a different skill set than HVAC and a different level of response to keep product from spoiling.  Our technicians have 70 plus years combined experience in refrigeration – and they’ve seen it all.  All of our trucks stock both common HVAC and Refrigeration parts.  The Bottom line is we can get you up and running quickly.

And just like HVAC systems, refrigeration systems from ice machines to walk in coolers and walk in freezers benefit from properly designed maintenance plans.

Refrigeration Installations

Need to expand cold storage? We’ve got the experience to design a quality, energy efficient system and install it quickly.  From small walk-in freezers, to refrigerated warehouses, we can handle it.

Let us show you how our comprehensive approach can reduce headaches and bring dollars to your business's bottom line. Call us at 919-773-9223 or schedule online for a free building assessment today.