Exclusively Commercial To Meet The HVAC Repair Needs Of Your Raleigh Area Business

HVAC-Repairs-400x400HVAC problems can sometimes be very difficult to track down.  Service techs are often tempted to look for the quick fix.  The one failed component that might be causing the problem.  At BlueHat we train our techs to look at the whole system, and the whole building.  

Many simple problems often have outside causes that aggravate them for instance:

  • Drain pans overflowing – might just be a clogged drain. Or there could be a new source of humidity in the building causing much more moisture to condense, and aggravating the situation the drain line might be installed improperly with too deep of a trap.  
  • Frozen Coils are a common problem – many techs are tempted to add refrigerant.  But it could be as simple as lack of airflow caused by dirty air filters.

Our goal when we work on your equipment is to address all the issues, and leave you with a reliable system. Our techs get the biggest kick out of solving the mystery of “that system that never worked right”.  And you’d be surprised how many times we hear that.