Avoid Emergencies With Planned Commercial HVAC Maintenance

HVAC-Maintenance-400x400A well designed maintenance plan saves much more money than it costs.  Here are the main areas of cost savings:

  • Major Repairs – A properly designed maintenance plan helps prevent major failures.
  • Energy Costs – Properly maintained equipment uses less energy.
  • Equipment Replacement – Maintaining equipment extends its useful life. How much is an extra 2-5 years of equipment life worth to you?
  • Lost Productivity – Equipment failures can stop production lines, or make offices uninhabitable.

The Elements of a well designed plan:

Equipment Related Maintenance Tasks:

ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180-2012We base all of our planned maintenance tasking on the recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the equipment, and on ASHRAE Standard 180 .

Maintenance Service Frequency

We also look at the usage of the machine and adjust service frequencies as appropriate – with those machines which are heavily used or located in harsh environments receiving more frequent maintenance.  For instance a condensing unit located near a busy loading dock may need more frequent coil cleanings due to buildup from diesel exhaust.

As we gain experience with the equipment in your facility we may adjust the frequency of service based on our findings.

Structuring the Agreement to Meet your Business Needs

Different business have different priorities when it comes to their mechanical systems for instance:

  • Some businesses have critical machines where there can be no downtime.
  • Some businesses plan their capital expenditures very carefully  and don’t like unexpected costs.
  • Some want the maintenance contractor to have a financial incentive to keep the systems operating smoothly – for them to have some skin in the game.

Our goal is to meet with both financial and operational staff within your organization so that we can create a custom plan that fits your business.


As we perform maintenance our techs fill out checklists, document equipment performance readings, take photos, and suggest repairs or replacement of equipment.  All of this is stored within our service management software and available for our customer’s, techs, and office staff to review at any time.  This helps customers feel assured that the work they are paying for is being done, and builds useful histories for each piece of equipment.

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