Exclusively Commercial To Meet The HVAC Needs Of Your Raleigh Area Business

Great Service by Design

We consider customer service to be the most important aspect of our business.  For HVAC Service we focus on several areas in order to provide great overall service:

  • HVAC-services-400x400Professional and Well trained Technicians – Ongoing technical training keeps our guys at the top of their game, and years of experience working in commercial facilities means they’ve seen it all.
  • Information at their fingertips – Mobile software lists the work to be done in detail. It allows everyone access to the service history of every machine we work on, including when we last worked on it, who worked on it, what services were performed, photos of equipment, and any relevant technical information.
  • Backup – Some HVAC problems are complicated and sometimes even the best techs get stuck.  At BlueHat our techs can always pick up the phone or even do a video call and run the situation by another tech, or by a service manager.  Many times two heads are better than one.
  • Well Stocked Trucks – Tired of companies always having to order, or drive to get (at your expense) even the most basic parts.  All of our trucks are stocked with a full complement of common HVAC parts, including belts, motors, capacitors, relays, disconnects, fittings, pipe, 8 different refrigerants, and on and on…
  • Safety – All of our techs receive ongoing safety training on relevant topics, like fall protection, handling of chemicals, burns etc.  We have a formal safety program in place, and each tech has all appropriate safety gear.  If your company has specific safety requirements we can put a plan in place to train our techs or put them through your training.
  • Documentation – Our systems allow the technicians to document their work with words, photos, video and audio recordings, and allow us to share that information with staff within your company.
  • Office Support – finally, to be able to keep work flowing, our office support is there to help with running down hard to find parts, putting together quotes for larger jobs, and anything else you might need.

Give us a try and you’ll see how we’ve put just as much thought into each aspect of our service:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Installations/Replacement
Let us show you how our comprehensive approach can reduce headaches and bring dollars to your business's bottom line. Call us at 919-773-9223 or schedule online for a free building assessment today.