COVID-19 - 4 Low-Cost HVAC Steps to Mitigate Coronavirus in Your Building

Walk-In Freezers

Save $ on the Biggest use of Power in your Building

What's Your Plan? 44% of a commercial building’s energy consumption is attributed to its HVAC systems. It is important to properly maintain these assets to reduce energy use and reduce total cost of ownership. Maintenance Approaches Currently Implemented in Commercial Buildings (2000 US DOE Study) 55% - Reactive Maintenance Most people do almost nothing... Little if any maintenance is done (usually filter [...]

Proper Walk-in Organization is Key to Reducing Food Waste

  Our technicians (and health inspectors) have seen a lot of this lately: food at incorrect temperatures in a perfectly good walk-in refrigerator or freezer. Why? Because the food containers are either too close together or are stacked too high and are blocking the air circulation fans. The keys to circulation: Don’t over-stuff the refrigerator. Cold [...]

Experienced Tech Saves Customer Money by Rebuilding Valve Body on Compressor

Last week we got a call from the owner of a restaurant in Garner, North Carolina.  The walk in freezer wasn't cooling adequately - it was only pulling down to 20 degrees F. Chris went out to take a look and quickly diagnosed the issue as worn valves on the semi-hermetic compressor. Where a less [...]

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