COVID-19 - 4 Low-Cost HVAC Steps to Mitigate Coronavirus in Your Building

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4 Low-Cost HVAC Steps to Mitigate Coronavirus in Your Building

  While there is no guaranteed way to eliminate all pathogens from the air in your building, there are some steps you can take to reduce the chances of spreading them through your building via your HVAC system: Clean and disinfect your HVAC components Install MERV-13 filters Install in-duct air ionizers Optimize the fresh air [...]

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The Visible, Thick Pollen is Gone – Maintenance is Ramping Up

As you've probably experienced, tree pollen gets everywhere. Especially noticeable is the yellow pine pollen. As the clouds of pollen disperse, our trucks roll to clean it up. Planned Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Systems Maintenance Not all businesses require the same maintenance tasks for their HVAC systems. BlueHat Mechanical offers customized commercial HVAC maintenance plans. In general, planned [...]

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Facilities Management Success: 13 Areas of Focus for the Future

ServiceChannel, a provider of facilities management software used in over 170,00 locations around the world, has recently published an e-book titled "What You Need to Know to Succeed in Facilities Management in 2020" Check it out here. My synopsis is that, like many industries, Facilities Management will be transformed by technology. Data will drive two trends: Visibility [...]

Beverage Temperature Matters – How Glycol Systems Chill

According to the Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Military Nutrition Research, "The available data clearly show that temperature can be an important variable in flavor perception...". The bottom line seems to be that " temperature rises, perceptions of sweetness and bitterness tend to intensify, and perceptions of sourness and saltiness tend to remain the same..."  The [...]

Save $ on the Biggest use of Power in your Building

What's Your Plan? 44% of a commercial building’s energy consumption is attributed to its HVAC systems. It is important to properly maintain these assets to reduce energy use and reduce total cost of ownership. Maintenance Approaches Currently Implemented in Commercial Buildings (2000 US DOE Study) 55% - Reactive Maintenance Most people do almost nothing... Little if any maintenance is done (usually filter [...]

Sales Tax Changes Coming March 1, 2016

  Taxation of additional Repair, Maintenance and Installation services - Taxes will apply to equipment attached to the building. Agreements signed before March 1, 2016 lock-in the tax plan that only taxes freestanding equipment for the term of the agreement. In a Nutshell: Service providers used to collect State sales tax only on the work performed to equipment that [...]

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Have you ever looked inside an Ice Machine?

          Dirty Ice? There are 3 ways ice could make you sick: Bacteria The inside of an ice machine is constantly moist. Bacteria from the air lands on the moist surfaces and starts to grow. E. coli, salmonella, mycobacterium, legionella can all live on the machine and in the ice itself. [...]

Proper Planned Maintenance Can Delay Coil Corrosion

The following is an excerpt from an EPA paper titled Detecting and Eliminating Causes of Coil Corrosion By Alan H. Brothers, Ph.D. You can find the whole paper here. While the possible causes of coil corrosion can stem from poorly manufactured copper, chemical residue from coil manufacturing, and other problems that initiate the corrosion process long before [...]

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The Pollen is Coming!

          North Carolina, which is filled with Longleaf and Loblolly pine, is a yellow pollen paradise. According to Robert Bardon, a professor of forestry and environmental resources at N.C. State University, we should start seeing the onset in the next week or so, around April 1. Two of the basic components [...]

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A Tricky Problem at a Large Steakhouse

One of our customers has a room upstairs for private functions.  This room is open to below, and for the last year or two has been chronically warm, especially when a crowd of people is up there.  Our service manager Richard went with one of our technicians Jake to get to the bottom of this problem. [...]

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