COVID-19 - 4 Low-Cost HVAC Steps to Mitigate Coronavirus in Your Building

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Facilities Must Collect More and Better Asset Information

Self-reporting assets connected to the 'Internet of Things' are the holy grail - but these solutions can be expensive. You could work with a partner who does it for you.  Why it is Important Physical assets are one of your company’s largest investments and your business depends on deploying them efficiently.  An effective maintenance program [...]

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Cracked Heat Exchangers Can Introduce Carbon Monoxide into Your Building

  Inspect now before you need to heat your building.  Yes - It's still nice and warm outside - but it gets cold fast in North Carolina. For Raleigh, the average low temperature in September is 61 - and the average low in October is 48.  You'll be needing the heat in the mornings before you [...]

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Facilities Management Success: 13 Areas of Focus for the Future

ServiceChannel, a provider of facilities management software used in over 170,00 locations around the world, has recently published an e-book titled "What You Need to Know to Succeed in Facilities Management in 2020" Check it out here. My synopsis is that, like many industries, Facilities Management will be transformed by technology. Data will drive two trends: Visibility [...]

Save $ on the Biggest use of Power in your Building

What's Your Plan? 44% of a commercial building’s energy consumption is attributed to its HVAC systems. It is important to properly maintain these assets to reduce energy use and reduce total cost of ownership. Maintenance Approaches Currently Implemented in Commercial Buildings (2000 US DOE Study) 55% - Reactive Maintenance Most people do almost nothing... Little if any maintenance is done (usually filter [...]

The Pollen is Coming!

          North Carolina, which is filled with Longleaf and Loblolly pine, is a yellow pollen paradise. According to Robert Bardon, a professor of forestry and environmental resources at N.C. State University, we should start seeing the onset in the next week or so, around April 1. Two of the basic components [...]

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A Tricky Problem at a Large Steakhouse

One of our customers has a room upstairs for private functions.  This room is open to below, and for the last year or two has been chronically warm, especially when a crowd of people is up there.  Our service manager Richard went with one of our technicians Jake to get to the bottom of this problem. [...]

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Replacing an Evaporator Coil on a Rooftop Package Unit

BlueHat Mechanical has been maintaining the rooftop units on this Raleigh area Arby's restaurant for some time.  Since we know the unit's maintenance history, and know that the other major components are in good shape, we were able to save Arby's some money by replacing the evaporator coil on this 10 ton Lennox L Series [...]

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Using advanced Software to Track Planned Maintenance

Some of our larger customers, restaurant chains with a regional or national footprint, are starting to see the benefits of a comprehensive planned maintenance plan.  They are specifying a comprehensive menu of services for the HVAC and refrigeration machines at their locations.  For some of our customers we have a list of 40 or more [...]

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Helping a New Restaurant Pass Health Inspection

Patrick and I went on a service call today to fix a few things at a Raleigh NC pizza restaurant that is getting ready to open in a location previously occupied by another restaurant.  Because it's a new restaurant they have to bring everything up to code even though the old restaurant was able to [...]

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APR Control Fixes Humid Restaurant Caused by Oversized AC Unit

We've been working on an interesting problem at a busy diner in Smithfield NC.  For a long time the restaurant has been very humid inside.  We are talking tropical, but with a dank smell inside. We quickly figured out that when the restaurant was designed, the engineers specified AC units that were much too powerful [...]

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