BlueHat Maintenance + SiteSage Monitoring = Next Level HVAC Service


logo_sitesage300px-300x100ENERGY DATA, ALERTS, & CONTROL

The patented SiteSage system centrally controls and analyzes critical equipment, delivering enterprise-wide controls and actionable intelligence to improve equipment performance, reduce energy and maintenance costs, and enhance tenant services for portfolios of small commercial facilities.  It has been shown to reduce energy costs by 10-20% and to pay for itself in under 2 years, often in 12 months.

Add SiteSage to the BlueHat Planned Maintenance program to:

  • View and report energy use:
    • Receive actionable intelligence to help reduce¬†energy costs
    • Detect and resolve issues that would otherwise go unnoticed
    • Weed out off hours usage
    • Configure alerts for instant threshold notification
  • Control HVAC and other systems from your desktop or mobile device.

Multi-site & multi-tenant management features:

  • Allocate tenant electricity costs
  • Prevent unnecessary truck rolls with remote diagnostics
  • Benchmark energy and water use across all facilities in your portfolio
  • Identify best (and worst) practices across all facilities / locations