Proper Walk-in Organization is Key to Reducing Food Waste

Our technicians (and health inspectors) have seen a lot of this lately: food at incorrect temperatures in a perfectly good walk-in refrigerator or freezer. Why? Because the food containers are either too close together or are stacked too high and are blocking the air circulation fans. The keys to circulation: Don’t over-stuff the refrigerator. Cold air […]

Behind-the-scenes training video

Our Technicians Receive Continuing Education All Year “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” -;Samuel Johnson, English author, critic, and lexicographer (1709-1784) In this video snippet, you can see our technical team watching field supervisor Chris Pease perform a thorough cleaning of a rooftop condenser coil. He’s explaining that even though this is […]

Have you ever looked inside an Ice Machine?

Dirty Ice? There are 3 ways ice could make you sick: Bacteria The inside of an ice machine is constantly moist. Bacteria from the air lands on the moist surfaces and starts to grow. E. coli, salmonella, mycobacterium, legionella can all live on the machine and in the ice itself. Fungi (Mold/Yeast) Airborne spores from […]

Proper Preventive Maintenance Can Delay Coil Corrosion

The following is an excerpt from an EPA paper titled Detecting and Eliminating Causes of Coil Corrosion By Alan H. Brothers, Ph.D. You can find the whole paper here. While the possible causes of coil corrosion can stem from poorly manufactured copper, chemical residue from coil manufacturing, and other problems that initiate the corrosion process long before […]

What our customers are saying...

I have been very happy with the professional, quality service I've gotten from Blue Hat. Every single employee I've met has been educated, well-spoken and very helpful. They explain all the work they're doing on my coolers and HVAC to be sure I'm comfortable with the scope before they begin work and help me weigh the value of various solutions to any problem. They are sincere, and that's hard to find. They also do a great job documenting everything (complete with photos) to be sure we're on the same page and that we'll remember any lingering issues the next time they come out to service my machines. We went through a series of HVAC companies before we found Blue Hat, and they always left us feeling uncomfortable. Blue Hat has always left us completely satisfied and confident that we've gotten quality work for a fair price. 5 stars.

These guys are nothing but PROFESSIONAL!!!! They have provided our preventive maintenance and our regular service since early 2010. During our experience we have found them to very honest and loyal. They always go the Extra Mile!

I had been doing this job for over 12 years before moving to the Raleigh area and having my own restaurant.  In that time I had never considered a preventive maintenance contract for the equipment and Air conditioning.  I even cancelled the existing contract I inherited when I took over.  I claimed that we do it ourselves by keeping things clean and will call someone when something needed repairing and that I can change my own A/C filters!   ...   I now pay a fraction of the repair costs I incurred for nearly 13 years ...