Beverage Temperature Matters – How Glycol Systems Chill

According to the Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Military Nutrition Research, “The available data clearly show that temperature can be an important variable in flavor perception…”. The bottom line seems to be that “…as temperature rises, perceptions of sweetness and bitterness tend to intensify, and perceptions of sourness and saltiness tend to remain the same…”  The […]

Save $ on the Biggest use of Power in your Building

What’s Your Plan? 44% of a commercial building’s energy consumption is attributed to its HVAC systems. It is important to properly maintain these assets to reduce energy use and reduce total cost of ownership. Maintenance Approaches Currently Implemented in Commercial Buildings (2000 US DOE Study) 55% – Reactive Maintenance Most people do almost nothing… Little if any maintenance is done (usually filter […]

Sales Tax Changes Coming March 1, 2016

Taxation of additional Repair, Maintenance and Installation services – Taxes will apply to equipment attached to the building. Agreements signed before March 1, 2016 lock-in the tax plan that only taxes freestanding equipment for the term of the agreement. In a Nutshell: Service providers used to collect State sales tax only on the work performed to equipment that was […]

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC Systems are Tops in Efficiency

VRF systems move refrigerant around a building instead of heated or cooled air the way a traditional system does. Variable Speed Compressors Standard compressors are either 100% off or 100% on – wasting energy when the system may not need full compression (97% of the time in most situations).  Variable speed compressors can deliver exactly […]

BlueHat Maintenance + SiteSage Monitoring = Next Level HVAC Service

BlueHat Maintenance + SiteSage Monitoring = Next Level HVAC Service ENERGY DATA, ALERTS, & CONTROL The patented SiteSage system centrally controls and analyzes critical equipment, delivering enterprise-wide controls and actionable intelligence to improve equipment performance, reduce energy and maintenance costs, and enhance tenant services for portfolios of small commercial facilities.  It has been shown to […]

What our customers are saying...

I have been very happy with the professional, quality service I've gotten from Blue Hat. Every single employee I've met has been educated, well-spoken and very helpful. They explain all the work they're doing on my coolers and HVAC to be sure I'm comfortable with the scope before they begin work and help me weigh the value of various solutions to any problem. They are sincere, and that's hard to find. They also do a great job documenting everything (complete with photos) to be sure we're on the same page and that we'll remember any lingering issues the next time they come out to service my machines. We went through a series of HVAC companies before we found Blue Hat, and they always left us feeling uncomfortable. Blue Hat has always left us completely satisfied and confident that we've gotten quality work for a fair price. 5 stars.

These guys are nothing but PROFESSIONAL!!!! They have provided our preventive maintenance and our regular service since early 2010. During our experience we have found them to very honest and loyal. They always go the Extra Mile!

I had been doing this job for over 12 years before moving to the Raleigh area and having my own restaurant.  In that time I had never considered a preventive maintenance contract for the equipment and Air conditioning.  I even cancelled the existing contract I inherited when I took over.  I claimed that we do it ourselves by keeping things clean and will call someone when something needed repairing and that I can change my own A/C filters!   ...   I now pay a fraction of the repair costs I incurred for nearly 13 years ...